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This week's Bento Box
Endless Laundry by Deb Aoki

My sister has this thing about her color coded sponges -- is this something that Martha Stewart has been teachin' her?

Last week's Bento Box

Endless Laundry by Deb Aoki

This one came about because I was grousing about my weekend laundry on Facebook, and got like, six replies, all saying "yeah, it's like that for me too! So thank you Facebook friends. This one's for you.

STILL WORTH CHECKIN' OUT! Press clips from Asian Week and Nichi Bei Times
Click on through to the Press section to see the latest interviews and press clips 'bout Bento Box and me from Asian Week, the Nichi Bei Times and the Hawaii Herald.

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My new Manga site for is live! Visit and see what has been taking up my bandwidth lately. I've written a bunch of articles and reviews about one of my favorite things, Japanese comics. Do visit and enjoy!

Latest book: Slice O' Life and University of Diverse City
A blast from the past from me and my pal Jon J. Murakami -- Our new collaborative collection of our old comic strips from our University of Hawaii days is now available at a bunch o' Hawaii bookstores, and


It's a 164-page double-sided collection, and includes the handy-dandy map of the UH campus, plus many classics from my post-punk/pre-grunge days, including "You'll Mosh to Anything," "Mainland Weather Martyrs" and "Why Wear Black?"  Click the Lulu "Buy Now" link below to get your copy today!
Support independent publishing: buy this book on Lulu. 

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Okay, I finally caved in and got a MySpace page. Won't you be my friend?

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